Award Winning Architectural Illustrator and Watercolor Painter

As an architectural illustrator for over forty-five years, I have provided a national clientele of distinguished architects with striking & award-winning illustrations of projects around the world.  During these professional years, I have also developed my watercolor painting to an accomplished level, and capture urban scenes, landscapes, homes, and portraits in a plein air, or a direct, alla prima, colorist style.

I’ve been a long-standing signature member of the New England Watercolor Society (N.E.W.S.) Boston, and elected member of the Salmagundi Club of New York, as well as exhibiting member and supporter of local Art Associations, and regularly participate in national plein air events. My work is also represented in select galleries, and many collectors around the country have acquired or commissioned distinctive watercolors.


I’m continually inspired by the effortless, masterful works of watercolorists from many eras and cultures, particularly Sargent, Homer, Turner, Prendergast, Wyeth, Hiroshi, Zorn and fellow Winthrop native John Whorf. I am further inspired from my seminars with notable artists, authors and friends – Charles Reid, Jeanne Dobie, Don Andrews, and Carleton Plummer. Together with my architectural drawing discipline, all my watercolor skills and experience have helped me in developing a versatile painting style.

In seeking arresting views of the everyday, those flash moments which transform ordinary subjects into fluid watercolor impressions, I attempt to capture some beauty

Artist’s Statement

Light, shade, shadow, color, values, textures; the substantive and the fleeting, the design and contours of shape and form; the intersection and interplay of the tangible and intangible – these life qualities are always capturing my attention. The interpretative and unexpected possibilities of the watercolor medium present an exciting artistic challenge to capture these very qualities in every work.

Life is the reality of the soul. Art is the expressive response or reflection of the soul to life’s fleeting reality, or “floating world”. My engagement with a subject is so strong and total, the experience in making a work suffuses the record of my vision, and thereby that unique view of life. The truth of art connects with the truth of other humans. The clearer truth’s message is conveyed by the power of the artists’ skills, the stronger is the message, the greater and enduring is the art.

Creating my art is a passion, an imperative that is a profound, relaxing and gratifying process. It is also a path of self-discovery and sharing a realization. It is a search for the beauty in all things. By developing the craft of watercolor, and with discoveries realized from each work, I am exploring the unexpected boundaries of my own capabilities and expressive style, and always a more , colorist style.