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Seascape Paintings

Pre- Guacamole – watercolor still life painting

A live demo for Dedham, MA artists, the concept for the assembled grouping depicted the ingredients for the titled dish, and inferred the process of the many ways to make it. This full sheet piece allowed for more energetic brushwork and saturated colors. Some of the olive greens are Oxide of Chromium, a favorite color of Charles Demuth.

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Ripening Tomato Trio – watercolor still life painting

End of season tomatoes always seem to taste more savory – especially after they are painted – knowing that more will not be coming. The cooler shadows of the grouping suggested the cooler background, with silver painted curves suggesting the energy of the fruit and the vine.

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Season’s Last Tomatoes – watercolor still life painting

Picked from the garden for a Kitchen themed show, these larger variety remainders were in varied states of growth and ripening, presenting a useful study of complimentary colors. Both warm and cool colors also infuse the shadow areas, while mirroring the tracery of the stems.

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