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Seascape Paintings

Shimmering Shells on Shelf – watercolor still life painting with sea shells

This alla prima piece was painted over a couple of evenings at our kitchen counter in front of a darkened window. The highly polished and nearly transparent green glass shell cast unusual eye-catching shadows, glimmers and sparkle – on, around and through this dish – onto the windowsill and frame, with triple reflections into the glass panes.

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Ironing’s Interlude – oil pastel still life drawing

With a more studied raking angle of perspective, the angular and graphic quality of this view is about tone and value, with minimal accent colors of red, blue, green. A tighter view in an ongoing series of studies, it was constrained by the sketchbook’s square format.

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Garden Fruit Reflected – watercolor still life painting

A mirror provided the backside view of this intentionally arranged platter of orange garden tomatoes with a mango, on a dark granite. Painting fronts and backs were not quite the same colors and values, and the unexpected surface variations required careful planning.

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