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Paintings of Boston and Boston Scenes

Gliding the Charles – watercolor landscape painting

After an enormous blanketing storm, this evocative winter vista of a cross-country skier perfectly captures another way the Charles River embankment provides connections to nature for the many residents of Boston, Cambridge and adjacent towns. Painted for the Charles River Conservancy.

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Appeal of the Arts- MFA – watercolor painting of sculpture

Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts iconic sculpture, with its remarkable gesture of humility and worship, is a wonderfully proportioned Indian and Horse by sculptor Cyrus Dallin. It speaks to this country’s Native Americans, their heritage and cultural connection between Man, the Earth and the Great Spirit.

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Ether Monument – watercolor painting of park sculpture

The upper half of the Lee Ether monument in Boston’s Public Gardens, the painting was begun on a late afternoon, but completed as the sun had set, which suddenly activated the floodlights at the fountain base; necessitating a change of technique for the shifting of light sources. Please see the study “Fountain Lions”, which is the lower half of the monument, also in this section.

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Fountain Lions -watercolor painting of sculpture

The sculpted base of the Lee Ether monument in Boston’s Public Garden, this granite segment of lion gargoyles back- splashed by the small fountains recalls the finest in civic monuments. A careful palette of low value and granulated colors was used for the stonework.

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