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Floral Paintings

Alexandra’s Pinks – watercolor floral painting

The backyard garden of a long time friend, this colorful setting was created with her co-owner – a woman who had contracted and died of cancer. The variety of pink and lavender flowers were some of her friend’s favorite colors and species, and together with the bird bath were also memorial symbols of renewal and recollection in this peaceful place.

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Jonquil Septet – watercolor floral painting

Enjoying Earth’s Spring renewal, this gardener & artist set a variety of jonquils and daffodils in a cool blue vase at a window, for a studied disciplined palette of hues and values. It was not unlike an earlier version with sunflowers.

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Jonquil’s Petals – watercolor floral painting

As a graphic and color study of the curved form of a single spring jonquil, the flower’s brilliant yellow field prompted this color experiment, applying a striking complimentary outline to vibrate and intensify the hue of the petals.

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Rose Sextet – watercolor floral painting

A segment of an abundant bouquet, this grouping of unfurling rosebuds was a study in various red hues and intensities. The pleasure of painting them barely exceeded the pleasure of their subtle scent. Painting six is not the same as painting one…

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Sol’s Blossoms – watercolor floral painting

Multiple sunflower blossoms, a favorite subject, were cut from a stand I planted in a nearby public square. Selected for their different sizes, seed head colors and degrees of flowering, their arrangement was set and drawn for a demo at a Utrecht’s store.

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