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Feline Lie-In – color drawing of cats

Adopting indelible mediums for sketching, the pen & ink line is most unforgiving, and hence trains the eye and hand. The color pencil added an air of mystique to the composition, while connecting the two studies together.

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Mim Bluer – drawing of a cat

In an evocative meditative pose, our gray-striped coon cat always seemed to be in a tranquil state; as conveyed by the choice of pencil color. She lived a long time, over 100 human years, but her calming effect endures via the sketch.

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Orphan Swallow – watercolor painting of bird

Attracted by its constant twittering and fluttering activity across the grass, this little creature seemed to have been abandoned. I followed it across the park lawn of Queen’s Gate Park in Brisbane, and sketched its contours as it finally settled at the base of a huge palm, having found a column of ants for its meal.

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Rooster – watercolor painting of rooster in Key West

During a seminar to paint buildings in Key West, my attention was otherwise absorbed by the free-ranging roosters and hens typical to the keys. The intense study (and chasing) of the creature informed my view, and resulted in this very quick color impression executed with a huge brush on a small panel.

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Taking Notice – watercolor painting of cats

Watchfully aware of each other, my cat was still just long enough for me to capture its crouched gesture and nearly cross-eyed expression. The range of charcoal values was carefully employed to suggest the companion cat, and enhance the effect of depth and focus with light and soft color.

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