Moor's End Morning Duo - en plein air watercolor landscape painting by Frank CostantinoA family-run mainstay in Polpis, this working farm is a perennial stop for residents and visitors to Nantucket Island. Over the years, the owners have been generous enough to allow access for my paintings of their iconic greenhouses, which seem to be the ageless backdrop for each season’s new profusion of plants. Haloed by a pale morning light, the double forms of the houses suggested the 2:1 proportion for this horizontal composition. The translucent quality of light shining through the roof was the defining factor of negative space, offset by the surrounding trees, the lush vegetation of bedded and potted plants, and the distinctive triangular shape of the solid walls; with the yellow doors providing glimpses of the lit interior. The complimentary palette of pale yellows and pale purple colors, with the split complimentarity of various hues of green, almost instinctively emerged on its own in the process of painting. Other paintings of this subject beckon for later… See also “Ack’s Hurricanes Earl & Irene – Moor’s End Farm” in the Nantucket section.


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